Burden's Beast (Endurance Performance)

Burden's Beast (Endurance Performance)

Burden’s Beast
An Endurance Street Action
In 2016, at the beginning of the Republican and Democratic conventions, I drove to Cleveland and Philadelphia with the assistance of my partner Warren Williams.

For a total of 13 hours, I walked the streets and area squares and plazas with a 15 pound mixed media sculpture on my back titled Forever Wars, and asked passersby and interested parties what directions the United States should take regarding our involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, while considering the cost in dollars and in lives. I handed out small cards with facts regarding expenditures and losses.

I had no issues in Philadelphia besides heat, but working around security in Cleveland meant my time was condensed to one Saturday and a bit by Sunday noon, the security perimeter was increased to near our hotel, and objects such as umbrellas, shopping carts, pieces of wood or anything that could be used as a projectile was banned.

I was met with a range of thoughtful answers, sincerity, and politeness from all sides of the political divide, but also with frustration, anger, and complete indifference.

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